How to increase storage in New Cycle - building a stockpile.

New Cycle increase storage – how to do it

Are you trying to increase your maximum storage in New Cycle but can’t figure out how? Let’s go through everything you must know. After starting out, you’ll notice that your total material storage is full, and you can’t gather anything else. Additionally, later in the game, individual material storages will become full. In such cases, it’s important to increase your maximum storage so that you can have spare materials for future events where there might be shortages. To help you with that, here’s everything you need to know.

How to increase storage in New Cycle - managing item storage limit from the stockpile menu.

How to increase storage capacity in New Cycle

To increase total material storage in New Cycle, build a Stockpile from the Utilities tab. It costs nine logs to build and doesn’t require any workers to operate. Additionally, to increase the storage capacity of a specific material, select the Stockpile building and press the ‘+’ symbol next to the material whose cap you want to increase. Clicking it once will increase capacity by 100 while using Shift+Click will increase it by 500.

Thankfully, you can do this multiple times. I recommend doing it for any new material you unlock. The initial storage limit is 500, and that’s nowhere near enough. Also, as you keep increasing the storage limit, make sure to build more Stockpiles. Your goal is to never reach the storage limit for a material since that will mean your workers will not be producing it but instead do nothing.

Especially during the early game, stockpiles are your best friends. I highly recommend stockpiling on Wood, Food, Water, and Stone. You’ll need a ton of these materials during the mid and late-game stages. Personally, I had three to four stockpiles built within the first two years. Those were more than enough to ensure I never ran out of storage space.

To summarize, you can increase your storage in New Cycle by building more Stockpile buildings and increasing the total storage capacity of each individual storage. This will allow you to hoard more materials and build a healthy stockpile that you’ll almost definitely need in the near future. After all, your material consumption will increase as you progress, and having a stockpile will help a lot. And that’s all! Before leaving, if you’re on the lookout for a new game, check out our Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown guides on how to change outfit and where to find the Scrapper shop and buy some unique amulets.

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