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Miasma Chronicles characters explained

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The tactical RPG Miasma Chronicles has just been released. In this guide, we will take you through everything we know about the Miasma Chronicles characters.

The game will be throwing tons of Miasma monsters and robots at you to deal with. The characters that will help you out in combat have specific skill sets, and it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into.

Let’s find out more about these Miasma Chronicles characters.

Who are the characters in Miasma Chronicles?

The protagonist of Miasma Chronicles is Elvis, a guy with a glove. It’s a pretty important glove, as it is the key to stopping the Miasma that’s threatening to destroy all of America. As you progress through the game, you will meet more playable characters which can be swapped to your preference.

Here are all the characters you will meet in the game:

  • Elvis: He’s the main starting point of the game – a mechanic who wants to be a hero. He holds a glove with superpowers that his mother gave him. His goal is to find his mother and learn more about the Miasma. The Dynamite Assault Rifle works great with his character.
  • Diggs: He’s Elvis’s brother, but he’s actually a robot. Elvis’s mother left her son in his care. Diggs’s ability is “Big Bro” which allows him to act as a shield and protect the others. Looks like he’s good at generally keeping Elvis safe from danger. And he shares a deep brotherly bond with Elvis.
  • Jade: She might seem mysterious at first, a gun-for-hire, but she’s looking for revenge against the First Family. For this cause, she wants to enlist the help of the witch Bha Mahdi. As a fighter, her skills revolve around stealth. By evolving her skill tree, you can make her a powerful silent killer.
  • Mason: Mason is a guy in a jar, but he does tell Elvis that he was once a mayor. While you can only see his head, the game doesn’t really explain how he came to be in this way.

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