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Metro games in order – how to play from 2033 to Exodus

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Metro games are a series of post-apocalyptic survival video games based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book series of the same name. But there might be a little confusion on which order to play them, since there are so many around. We are here to help and explain how to play the Metro games in order, from 2033 to Exodus.

The games are set in the post-apocalyptic Moscow metro system, home to humankind’s last survivors. You will be following the protagonist Artyom, who tries to find a way out through these tunnels.

Let’s find out how to play from 2033 to Exodus and what the Metro games in order are.

How to play Metro games in order – 2033 to Exodus

The Metro game series consists of four games, but overall we would recommend, to fully experience and better understand the universe, to play the entire trilogy in order. Metro 2033 (2010) is the first game. The main character Artyom travels through the metro system to fight mutants attacking his station. He looks for companions as he fights through haunted tunnels. 

Metro: Last Light, the second game, was released in 2013 and follows Artyom as he becomes a ranger and is tasked with protecting his home station. The gameplay is similar to Metro 2033 but with new features such as a weapon customization system. 

Metro: Redux, released in 2014, is a remaster of the first two games with significant improvements. It also introduces a new game mode that makes the game more challenging and immersive. 

Finally, Metro: Exodus, released in 2019, is the third game in the series and takes place outside the Moscow metro system. The player follows Artyom on a continent-spanning journey to the far east, facing mutants, bandits, and destructive cults. Metro: Exodus received favorable reviews for its open world, graphics, story, and gameplay and was nominated for Game of the Year and Best Storytelling in 2019.

The games have a linear storyline, but it’s worth nothing each Metro game is also a complete chapter with its own unique storyline and goals. You may choose to skip a title, but playing all three will provide the best experience.

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