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Miasma Chronicles keypad code – what is it?

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Miasma Chronicles is a game that requires you to explore various regions, each with its own unique challenges and puzzles. In this guide, we will take you through how to solve the Miasma Chronicles keypad code.

Two areas that require you to unlock doors using keypad codes are the Gator Zone and the Widow’s Mine. Some players might be struggling to find out the answers, but don’t worry – we have them right here. 

Keep reading to find out the Miasma Chronicles keypad code for these puzzles.

What is the keypad code in Miasma Chronicles?

Let’s get down to business, the first code you need is 2-6-4. But where is it exactly? In the Gator Zone, an area that you can explore after completing the opening mission. At the entrance, you can find a chest with the KR-002 Tactical Disc. Deeper into the zone, you find a building with a locked door that needs a three-digit code to open.

To get the code, you need to count how many times each stripe below the “#” sign lights up. The first stripe blinks twice, the next six times, and the last four times, giving us the code 2-6-4. Once inside, you can find a limited-edition coke bottle worth 750 XP and a shotgun.

The Widow’s Mine is a place in Miasma Chronicles that shows the power of the Miasma as a weapon. You must go through it to continue the main story. Theevers, a group of criminals, took over the area and locked Vyse, a smuggler who Elvis knows, in a toilet. The room is locked with a keypad, and you need to enter a three-digit code to open it. To find the correct code, you should go out of the exit to the right and check the wall behind you. Bullet holes on the wall spell out 1-0-5, which is the code you need. 

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