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Age Of Wonders 4 best factions – tier list

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Isn’t it time that we got a new release of a deep and enthralling fantasy 4x strategy game? Well, as luck would have it, Paradox Interactive is making our dreams come true, with the latest entry in the long running series. In this guide, we will take you through the best factions through our Age Of Wonders 4 tier list.

The game allows players to create their own empires with an incredible level of customization. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the ability to create an entire faction from scratch. And, if you’re looking for a powerful ruler to lead you into battle, there are also some great pre-made factions to choose from.

Let’s find out what the best factions are through our Age Of Wonders 4 tier list!

Tier list of the best factions in Age of Wonders 4 

Here’s the tier list of the best factions in the game:

  • S Tier:
    • Human Paladins faction led by Meshara The Radiant, a powerful Champion.
  • A Tier:
    • First Elves faction led by Zaethyl Silverleaf, an archer and magic Champion.
    • Arcane Tigrans faction led by Enam’Ru Enkhanan, the weather-changing Champion of the felines.
    • Mountain Dwarves faction led by Tugrum Hammerhall, a defense-first Champion.
  • B Tier:
    • Enthralled Orcs faction led by Karissa The Red, a Wizard King.
    • Necrotic Goblins faction led by Gloom Hooknail, a Champion for the stealthy ones.
    • Wholesome Halflings faction led by Ham Binger, a Champion, one with nature, living off the land, and leading his people as part of a friendly and tight-knit community.
  • C Tier:
    • Cruel Deathbringers faction led by Nekron The Risen, a Wizard King.
    • Crusading Croakers faction led by Dafal Dea, a Wizard King.
    • Gnarled Frostlings faction led by Artica, a Wizard King that is intent on turning the world ice-cold, to create a freezing paradise for her frostling minions.

That’s all we have on the tier list of the best factions for Age of Wonders. If you liked this guide, make sure to check out the best builds and win conditions explained