Immortals of Aveum trophies guide Character crouching and getting ready to fight

Immortals of Aveum trophies guide

Immortals of Aevum’s unique combat mechanics is placing it under many hardcore FPS gamers’ radar. Who knew combining magical spells with FPS-shooter-like mechanics would be this much fun? In any case, if you plan to become a completionist in this game, you need to get all the trophies. This article will act as a guide for Trophies in Immortal of Aevum, so you don’t miss out on any of them.

Immortals of Aevum came out after multiple delays. It makes sense when you realize this game utilizes Unreal Engine 5 technology. Other devs should see Immortals of Aevum as an example of what this powerful game engine can achieve.

Keep reading to find out how you can get all the Trophies in Immortals of Aevum. By understanding how you can get all of them, getting them would become a little easier.

Immortals of Aveum trophies guide Character about to shoot a magic spell

All Trophies present in Immortals of Aveum

The following are all of the trophies/achievements and how can you get them in Immortals of Aveum:

  • Armaments Azure: Obtained 3 Legendary Blue Sigils
  • Armaments Gules: Obtained 3 Legendary Red Sigils
  • Armaments Vert: Obtained 3 Legendary Green Sigils
  • Armsman: Fully upgrade 1 Legendary Sigil
  • Best Dressed: Fully upgrade 1 Legendary Bracer
  • Diplomat: Speak to Ambassador Damolie about every topic
  • Enlisted: Defeated 100 enemies
  • Family Business: Speak to Silas Mede about every topic
  • Grand Magnus: Complete the game on Immortals difficulty
  • Kitted Out: Fully upgraded 1 Legendary Totem
  • Lights Army: Complete the game on Magnus difficulty
  • Master of Carmine: Unlock all Talents in Red Magic branch
  • Master of Malachite: Unlock all Talents in Green Magic branch
  • Master of Ultramarine: Unlock all Talents in Blue Magic branch
  • Out of Time: Speak to Orphe about every topic
  • Periapt Alizarin: Obtain 1 Legendary Red Totem
  • Periapt Cerulean: Obtain 1 Legendary Blue Totem
  • Periapt Viridian: Obtain 1 Legendary Green Totem
  • Petite Bourgeoisie: Speak to Magister Belming about every topic
  • Recruit: Complete the game on Apprentice difficulty
  • Scholar: Collect 50 Lore TextsShroudfane
  • Explorer: Complete 10 Shroudfanes
  • Shroudfane Surveyor: Complete all Shroudfanes
  • Socialite: Speak to everyone at the party
  • Solider: Defeat 500 enemies
  • Tip of the Spear: Defeated All of The Six
  • Treasure Hunter: Opened all Golden Chests in the main story
  • Veteran: Defeat 1,300 enemies
  • Witch-Taker: Speak to Hauser about every topic

This is not all as the following are all of the secret trophies you can also get in Immortals of Aveum:

  • A Familiar Nest: Complete ‘Occupation’
  • All the Major Food Groups: Complete ‘The Magic Eaters’
  • A Perfect Cycle: Complete ‘The Shrouded Realm’
  • Battlefields Have Memories: Complete ‘The Magnus’
  • Beggers Would Ride: Complete ‘Caldera’
  • Control is an Illusion: Complete ‘The Binding Mark’
  • Fowl Play: Find the bird in the Palathon
  • Geas Aristeya: Complete ‘Glaivegate’
  • Good Boy: Pet the Veki
  • Gravity Challenged Rocks: Complete ‘Exile’
  • Initiate: Complete ‘The Hand of Sandrakk’
  • Maybe Engage a Little: Complete ‘Yltheum’
  • No More Names: Complete ‘The Immortals’
  • Resilience to Sin: Complete ‘Ruin’
  • The Means to Save It: Complete ‘Colossal’
  • Thrada-Kul: Complete ‘Nocea’
  • Unforseen: Complete ‘Streetwise’

These are all of the trophies you can currently get in the game. Most of them may be challenging, so use this guide as a reference, and you will achieve all of them in no time.

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