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How to Upgrade Bag in Palia

Palia is a game that very much incentivizes exploration and resource collection. Therefore, having inventory space becomes a necessity, especially if you want to experience this game at its fullest. The in-game inventory comes in the form of a bag. This choice has left many players wondering if they can expand their inventory space. So, here’s how you can upgrade your bag in Palia and take a lot more stuff.

Like many other items in the game, there are a variety of options that generally require some sort of skill or money to get unlocked. The same goes for the bag and if you are struggling with resource management then getting a larger bag makes total sense.

So, keep reading ahead and find out how you can upgrade your bag in Palia, gather all of the items you want, and become the ultimate hoarder.

How to Upgrade Bag in Palia Character looking a brand new bag

Here’s how you can upgrade your bag in Palia

To upgrade your bag, you need to go to the General Store at Kilima Village and meet with Zeki. There, you will be able to buy large bags. Buying them will unlock more inventory spaces to store items. You will first get the option to buy a 500 Gold Bag. Later, you can also upgrade it with a 5,000 Gold Bag. By this time your inventory should get added with 16 additional slots.

There is also a third bag upgrade that you can get, which again adds 8 more slots to your inventory. This is currently the easiest way to increase the size of your inventory. Although it requires quite a lot of Gold, it is worth it in the long run.

So, are you tired of constantly running back and forth from your base? Then you can be sure that storing stuff in inventory is way more convenient and useful.

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