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How to get Sapwood Plank and Stone Brick in Palia

Palia is a vibrant and immersive open-world game that offers players endless possibilities for exploration, crafting, and building. In Palia, players have the opportunity to gather resources, craft various items, and build their dream world. Two essential resources in the game are Sapwood Plank and Stone Brick. In this guide, we will delve into the methods of obtaining Sapwood Plank and Stone Brick in Palia. Let’s build some useful furniture.

The crafting system in Palia is intuitive, allowing players to combine different resources to create new and more advanced items. Sapwood Plank and Stone Brick are prime examples of crafted materials that players can use to construct various structures in the game.

Read on to find out how you can obtain Sapwood Plank and Stone Brick in Palia and build some fun stuff.

How to get Sapwood Plank and Stone Brick in Palia

To obtain the Sapwood Plant and Stone Brick, you have the option of either purchasing them from the Blacksmith or the Repair Station. By visiting either of these locations, you will come across a box labeled “Open Store” at the entrance of the shop. 

To access the store, simply interact with the box and press the “F” key. Once inside the store, you can select the Sapwood Plant from the available list and purchase it for 4 Gold Coins. Similarly, the Stone Brick can be acquired by selecting it from the list and purchasing it for 10 Gold Coins.

Alternatively, you have the option to acquire Sapwood Plank and Stone Brick by means of crafting. However, it is necessary to first procure the Basic Sawmill and Basic Smelter from the esteemed merchant, Hodari. Once you have completed the purchase, proceed to position these essential tools just outside the confines of your humble abode. 

Following this, interact with the Basic Sawmill and carefully place the Sapwood within its mechanisms. After a brief period of approximately one minute, you will find yourself in possession of the coveted Sapwood Plank. Likewise, you may also interact with the Basic Smelter and place the stone within its fiery embrace. In a matter of mere moments, you shall witness the transformation of this raw material into the Stone Bricks.

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