How to Place the Foundation for your House in Palia - player arriving at their home.

How to place the house foundation in Palia

To move out from the Tent and start building your house, you will need to how to place the house foundation in Palia. This is part of the “House, Sweet House” quest.

It is nice to have a place to live, even if it’s just in an MMORPG, right? At least the rent is much less than in real life and you can make the house of your dreams after grinding enough materials.

In this guide, I will explain how to place the house foundation in Palia to help you start building your home while also mentioning the materials you’ll need to finish it.

How to place the foundation for your house in Palia - how to place the Harvest House blueprint.

How to place the foundation for your house in Palia

After Major Kenli brings the blueprints, your next quest will be called “House, Sweet House”. The quest description will require you to place the foundation for your house. To complete this quest and place the foundation for your house in Palia, open the housing menu by pressing ‘H’, select the house blueprint from the left tab, and place it in your plot.

Keep in mind that if your tent is in the way, you’ll need to move it or pick it up.

To pick up or move the Makeshift Tent, enter the moving menu (default hotkey: Ctrl). Move close to the tent and two options will come up. With right-click you can move it somewhere else within your plot and with ‘G’ you can pick it up.

After picking it up, you can find it in your inventory. Since it doesn’t have any practical use, I recommend picking it up and storing it in a chest. After all, you have no use for the tent since you’re building a house.

Also, after you place the foundation for your house, navigate to the sign right in front of the foundation. There, you’ll need to bring the following materials to build the house:

  • 100x Sapwood Plank
  • 35x Stone Brick

These can be made from the Basic Sawmill and the Stone Smelter respectively, which are unlocked right after speaking with Tish in front of your house.

Lastly, wait eight real-life hours for the construction to complete and your house will be good to go.

To sum up, you can place the foundation for your house in Palia by pressing ‘H’ after getting the blueprint from Major Kenli. Just make sure to pick up the tent to have enough space on your plot. For more guides, check out our articles on how to get the Atom Splitter in Remnant 2 and how to solve the music box puzzle in Remnant 2.

Before leaving, for game updates regarding early access and full release, make sure to check the Palia official site.

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