Palia inventory - how to manage storage Character walking

Palia inventory – how to manage storage

The anticipation for the release of the new mass-multiplayer game Palia is reaching a new height day by day. Its cozy fantasy world and relaxing gameplay have attracted the attention of many players who are looking for a laid-back game that they can play with their friends. However, it’s always advantageous to understand the mechanics rather than going into a game blind. We will provide you with a guide on how the Palia inventory works.

As Palia is going to come with farming and crafting features, knowing how the resource management system works is very useful. Moreover, understanding the inventory system is the most basic thing you can learn. At least, without spoiling too much of Palia’s gameplay.

So, keep reading on and find out about how the Palia inventory works, and give yourself a very functional headstart in this game.

Palia inventory - how to manage storage Character crafting items

The inventory system of Palia

Devs of this game have officially mentioned that Palia is going to have a storage system that is going to influence the gameplay. Because of that, they have taken a lot of care into putting limitations. There is a limited number of items players can add into their inventory. Your inventory at the beginning will only have one row available to fill, and they have stated that more rows will be opened with expansions.

They have not mentioned the exact number of rows or the number of items you can put into your inventory. But, rest assured that the final amount will be a good number. This makes sense as whenever there are crafting mechanics in the game, devs have to put limits. Players don’t want to spend all of their time hoarding materials. They want to do some exploring and engage in various quests.

Devs did make sure to keep the system accessible and easy to use as the storage space is going to be shared and you can access it through all of the chests present in the game, and you can craft directly from the inventory as well. This considerably makes the storage system way easier to understand.

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