Cassette Beasts ghostly status effect explained - fighting monsters

Cassette Beasts ghostly status effect explained

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Featuring fourteen different elemental types that monsters can actually use, there is a lot to learn while playing this little new indie classic. But if you need help in getting through all these different types of attacks, then keep reading as we will take you through the Cassette Beasts ghostly status effect.

Each monster has a certain type, but abilities and rare encounters called Bootlegs can also change types. In addition to types, battle moves also have types, which can cause status effects on opponents. These status effects can boost damage, weaken opponents, steal AP, and cause damage over time.

Let’s find out more about the Cassette Beasts ghostly status effect.

How to use ghostly status effect in Cassette Beasts

One of the status effects that can be applied to monsters is Ghostly, which is a buffing effect. Ghostly characters cannot be hit by attacks, but they are defeated when the timer on the Ghostly status runs out.

Ghostly is a strong move that can be used to help your monsters avoid taking damage. When a monster is hit with Ghostly, they become invulnerable to attacks for a short time. This can make them very difficult to defeat, but it’s important to remember that the Ghostly effect doesn’t last forever. The monster will become vulnerable again when the timer runs out.

To use Ghostly wisely, you should use it in situations where your monster is in danger of taking a lot of damage. When the Ghostly effect is active, your monster will be safe from attacks, giving you time to heal or use other moves. However, you need to be aware of the Ghostly timer and plan your moves accordingly.

Using Ghostly effectively can be a game-changer in Cassette Beasts. That concludes our guide to the ghostly status effect. Looking for more games? Check out our list of the best indie games at Gamescom 2022. Also, here’s a guide to the Cassette Beasts monster list