Dordogne review Mimi looking around

Dordogne walkthrough – all chapters of the indie game

Do you like wholesome games? Of course you do. Well, our Dordogne walkthrough is here to give you all the details of one of the most characterful, wholesome indie games to come out in recent years. It’s by a small French studio who knows the topic better than most, too.

Dordogne might seem cute and colourful, but there’s quite a dark and tragic story underneath all of its watercolour gorgeousness. The game is about a little girl who moves to Dordogne and her experiences there and how it affected the rest of her life.

So, whether you want to see our Dordogne walkthrough because you want to simply see some gameplay of the game or you’re stuck, you can find all of our videos below.

Dordogne walkthrough Chapter 1 – the house

Chapter 2 – the river

Chapter 3 – the market

Chapter 4 – the top of the world

Chapter 5 – the caves

Chapter 6 – the picnic

Chapter 7 – the coulobre

Chapter 8 – the last words

That’s it for our complete Dordogne guide. We hope you found it useful. If you want to read our Dordogne review to see whether you should pick it up or not, then feel free to see what score we gave it.

Dordogne can be purchased for Steam and PC, but it’s also currently on the Xbox Game Pass service and can be played on Xbox consoles too. So if you’re a subscriber to the Microsoft service, then remember to check it out there before you pay full price for it.

If you want to see how long it takes to beat all of the Dordogne chapters, then you can also read our guide on that to see if you think you’ll get value for money, too.

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