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Dordogne chapters – how long to beat the game?

Spending some time in rural France, by going kayaking, a quick swim and enjoying some gardening. Sounds like your perfect holiday? Then you might definitely decide to spend some time playing through all the Dordogne chapters. Read on also to find out how long to beat the game.

Dordogne is a nice little wholesome game all about reconnecting with your family, and appreciating the simple things in a slow and easy life. It features a few simple puzzles and action sequences.

But it is time to actually go back to France then, let’s look at all the Dordogne chapters and find out how long to beat it.

How long to beat Dordogne?

In order to beat Dordogne, it takes around four hours. Clearly, that time also depends if you’re after the hunt for all the stickers and words.

These extra things do not seem to really add anything of substance to the game, even though they are linked to achievements. Still, collecting them just makes it more fun to use them for the diary entries.

To play the game through and get all the words, stickers and tapes we would add another hour to the overall time. Considering the price and experience, Dordogne offers definitely a fair balance between gameplay and little extra things to collect.

Dordogne chapters

If you’re curious about all the different Dordogne chapters, here is the complete list:

  • Chapter 1 – the house
  • Chapter 2 – the river
  • Chapter 3 – the market
  • Chapter 4 – the top of the world
  • Chapter 5 – the caves
  • Chapter 6 – the picnic
  • Chapter 7 – the coulobre
  • Chapter 8 – the last words

That’s all you need to know to find out how long Dordogne is and all about its chapters. Clearly, if you want to find out what we think about the game, be sure to check out our Dordogne review.