Ekskalibur Chained Echoes – how to find it

Ekskalibur Chained Echoes – how to find it

Ah yes, the fabled sword of myth, how Excalibur saved an entire kingdom when it was given to King Arthur an- wait, what? It’s actually Ekskalibur? Well who knew, we were not prepared for this! That’s what happens when you spend too much time trying to hunt down fabled swords, right? But you should not suffer the same, so here’s how to find the Ekskalibur Chained Echoes sword.

But well, actually that is not the name of a sword, but of a big and ugly unique monster that you’ll find in Chained Echoes. But well, find it is only half of the battle here as it is easier said than done, for sure.

Read on, then, to find out more on how to find the Ekskalibur Chained Echoes unique monster and beat it.

How to find Ekskalibur in Chained Echoes

So, in order to find the famed monster and beat it, you need to first travel to Fiorwoods, exactly to the central area of the woods. There look for the monster with one single eyeball, which is called a Gazer (for… you know, obvious reasons). But don’t engage it in combat, since that is not our objective here.

What you might want to do, instead, is something slightly different and more weird, for sure. Near the monster there’s a set of trees, which you have to run around, in counter-clockwise motion, three times. Then, Ekskalibur will pop out and be careful: apart from being undead, the thing is strong against Earth and weak towards Water.

Hopefully, this guide should help you in dealing with this unique Ekskalibur monster in Chained Echoes and happily return home triumphant. Still, if you need more help to get through the RPG, refer to our walkthrough or check out how to solve the For the love of food quest.