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For the Love of Food Chained Echoes – how to find and complete

How to find For the Love of Food in Chained Echoes

To start the For the Love of Food quest in Chained Echoes, you will need your clan to be Rank 3. This is done by recruiting every character in the game. Once your clan reaches Rank 3, buildings will become available on your island. You can obtain the For the Love of Food quest by visiting the building on the top-left of your island and talking to a character called Mikah inside.

How to complete For the Love of Food

After getting the quest, Follow Mikah into the Ograne Grottos by fast travelling there and keep heading north or northwest whenever possible. You will eventually find Mikah and this will trigger a cutscene.

Next, fast-travel to Rockbottom and go inside. Head upstairs to the inn and speak to the miner you find there. Employ him for a measly 5000 coins. Once you’ve done this, fast-travel to the crystal near the agreed meeting point and watch a cutscene.

After a cutscene, Mikah joins the party and you will find yourself inside the giant worm. Head north until you encounter some enemies. Defeat them, then jump in the acid and head to the right. Once you’ve made it past the spiky balls, keep heading north and interact with the fungus growing there. Now, backtrack into the acid and under the spiky balls and you will find a path has opened.

When you come to a ladder, take the one on the right. You will have to fight some enemies, but then you need to continue northwest until you come to a fork in the road. Keep heading north from here and you will eventually trigger a cutscene.

That’s all you need to know about completing the fun side quest in Chained Echoes. If you want more tips and tricks on the JRPG, then check out our A Goblin’s Dilemma and Two Winged Angel guides if you’re stuck.