Chained Echoes – Two Winged Angel guide

Chained Echoes – Two Winged Angel guide

Have you been playing the classic Super Nintendo inspired RPG Chained Echoes? We sure have! And perhaps you need some guidance on some of the more interesting sidequests, since we know there’s definitely many out there. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Chained Heroes Two Winged Angel quest.

This is one sidequest that you can start right after you’ve completed the main quest, the appropriately named “Chained Echoes” one. This side quest will gift you, at the end, quite the powerful upgrade for your Sky Armor, so this is one you want to complete.

Let us not dawdle any longer and read on to find out how to solve the Chained Echoes Two Winged Angel quest.

How to solve the Two Winged Angel quest in Chained Echoes?

First, you’ll want to head to New Wyrnshire, talk to the man with blonde hair in the northeastern corner of the town. He’ll grant you access to the black market, which is a building to the south of the town of New Wyrnshire that previously one just couldn’t access. You’ll find several merchants who all seem to sell the same wares.

But there is one different, approach the one in the upper left corner and he’ll tell you he has knowledge about Seraph Armor. Now, head to Rockbottom, go to the southern crystal in Kortara and fly north to the central area. How hover accross the bridge going east, and finally we’ll be able to enter playing as Sienna.

Navigating the cave

In the cave, go to the bottom left exit, slip behind the bandit to the north, then when you see a lot of bandits, try to sneak behind the one with sunglasses (to the west). You’ll find the chest with the key, grab it after the scene then sneak past the other two bandits keeping a close watch on when they’re looking away.

Up here you’ll find a door. Go ahead and open it to find an actual cave. Go left at the fork to open the back entrance for the rest. Head north now and exit this cave to find our Seraph Armor,b ut we’ll not be able to get away with it, instead Norgant will sell it to us for 50k (at this point you should have enough money, hopefully). Done!

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