Da Capo Chained Echoes – how to find and beat

Da Capo Chained Echoes – how to find and beat

Are you playing Chained Echoes and loving its pixel-art JRPG gameplay? Us too. But, you might find some adventure’s guild quests that are hard to find and complete, so we’ve put together this Da Capo Chained Echoes guide to help with that.

Da Capo in Chained Echoes only appears in a certain place and if certain parameters are met, and even once you’ve met the creature, you’ll need to defeat it. Each enemy has specific strengths and weaknesses and it’s no different here.

Below, we’ll tell you how to find and beat the Da Capo so that you can head back and obtain that sweet bounty from the reward board. Nice.

How to find and beat Da Capo in Chained Echoes

Da Capo is located in the southwest region of the Flower Fields of Perpetua. To find Da Capo, teleport to the western fast-travel crystal. Then, fly south in your sky armor and you will come to a cave. This is the Ograne Grottos. Enter and leave the cave and you should encounter Da Capo. If this doesn’t happen, simply enter and leave a few times and it should appear and suck you into combat.

De Capo has two attacks to be wary of. Death Cap hits your entire party with Dark Damage. Slimey Hell inflicts poison and silence on a targeted party member. The best way to defeat De Capo is with fire, but you can also use any attack that deals high damage as De Capo doesn’t have very good defenses.

When you defeat De Capo, it will drop a Flesh Cap. You will also gain 300a, 50 SP, and 5 Yak Grass Fibers once you turn the quest in at the reward board.

The recommended level to take on De Capo is 15 or higher.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and beating De Capo in Chained Echoes. For more tips and tricks on the JRPG, read our Chained Echoes full walkthrough and Mountain Bibi guides to help you out.