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Is Farworld Pioneers cross-platform?

When a game offers plenty of freedom, especially in multiplayer, it is normal for players to immediately want to know if they can play with friends. Case in point, we all want to know if Farworld Pioneers cross-platform play is accessible on all of the platforms where it was released.

Since this is an open-world sandbox that offers PVP and PVE, it just makes fans want to play with everyone. That being said, we all know that cross-play can be a troublesome process since all the platforms need to agree.

Here’s what we know about Farworld Pioneers cross-platform play and if you can have sci-fi adventures with friends.

Is Farworld Pioneers cross-platform?

The right answer would be… nyeah? This open-world sandbox game only has cross-platform capabilities in its Xbox and Windows store versions, leaving some players without their crossplay. Unfortunately, those players are on Steam, one of the biggest gaming platforms, which makes that exclusion a bit weird.

Sure, it might be easily argued that Microsoft and Steam are competitors, which is why this open-world title does not seem to feature proper cross-play between those versions. On the other end of that, Microsoft owns Xbox and their brand sells some games on Steam.

While the limitations make sense, they’re pretty disappointing as players exploring and fighting with friends sounds pretty ideal. Knowing that Steam players can’t explore this sandbox with their Xbox and Microsoft Store friends just seems wrong.

At the least, Xbox players getting to enjoy the game with Microsoft users is a small win for those users. At lease, those who bought this version get to enjoy some cross-platform gaming. It’s not a huge leap, obviously, but having that is better than not having the feature at all.

For the sake of playing devil’s advocate, Steam is an incredibly popular gaming platform, so it is not a huge deal for them and they can still play with a good number of people. Clearly, once again, we rather the feature still be in this version of the game but Steam has so many users.

Now gamers know that this Farworld has pretty limited cross-play, though it’s good that it’s there. Gamers can also check when My Time at Sandrock comes out and find the Golden Burblo in The Big Con.