the big con golden burblo a human yellow sheet pineapple stand in blue background

The Big Con Golden Burblo – unlock the achievement

Progressing through point-and-click-style adventure games can be difficult since the goal isn’t always obvious and that’s not even including side quests. Case in point, players don’t know how to get The Big Con’s Golden Burblo for an in-game achievement.

While it’s not the longest game out there, this indie tribute to the ‘90s does encourage players to get lost. That can prove to be difficult for progression, especially since there are quite a few quests to partake in.

For now, here’s what we know about The Big Con’s Golden Burblo so players can finally get that achievement.

How to get The Big Con Golden Burblo

We don’t want to make you wander around in the dark anymore. Here you go, the door you need to open is in Mallton and the code is 6537. Doing this leads to a humorous joke that will please Bojack Horseman fans, linked to a coat and some kids.

After getting the weirdly named item, players will encounter “Big Daddy,” who really wants this thing for “himself.” We use quotation marks since this “person” is just three kids in a trench coat and that is definitely a great reference for all the Bojack fans.

Big Daddy will want the Golden Burblo and players can give it to him (them?) with no consequences at all. This opens up some quests for the player, which means they can steal more things and get more achievements. Players won’t mind staying in this world a bit longer thanks to the great visuals and fun writing.

Once players encounter this character, they can gain access to a series of fetch quests that lead to this achievement. Said achievement is called “The Three Kids in a Trenchcoat,” somewhat spoiling Big Daddy’s identity in the game. Then again, we all saw that coming and it’s still a mildly funny joke.

That’s all we know about getting this item and getting an achievement for it. Players that want more from The Big Con can check out our guide on the luggage code. For more indie goodness, here’s the Signalis cryo code.