signalis cry code the main character in space

Signalis cryo code – how to open the cryogenic pod

Remember the original Resident Evil? Well, Signalis is like that and just as scary. The survival horror game even has CRT visuals and takes you back to those PS1 days, frustration included. So, that’s why our Signalis cryo code guide is here to help you with that annoying part at the start of the game.

See, just like those horror-genre classics, Signalis requires you to use your brain and doesn’t hold your hand. That means when you’re trying to find the Signalis cryo code at the start of the game, then it can be quite a shock when there are no hints.

Below, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how to unlock the cryogenic pod and where to find the items on the spaceship in order to do so.

The Signalis cryo code and how to unlock the cryogenic pod

To get the cryo code, you need to find your way to the flight deck of the spaceship and get the photo of Ariane Yeong. To get to the flight deck, simply keep heading up when the game starts. The photo of Ariane Yeong will be on the console in this room.

Once you’ve picked up the photograph, go into your inventory and examine it. Rotate the photo so that you’re looking at the back of it. You’ll see the cry code shown in red and black blocks on the back of the photo.

signalis cry code the photograph and code

Go back to the cryogenic pod and punch in the blocks that are highlighted in red on the pod’s keypad. The cryo pod will drain and you’ll pick up a snapped keycard. Combine it with the duct tape in your inventory (get it in the mess hall if you haven’t already) and you’ll now be able to open the airlock and get out of the spaceship.

That’s everything you need to know about getting access to the cryogenic pod so you can escape the spaceship into the untold horrors that await in Signalis. If you’re after something a bit more light-hearted, then check out our Chained Echoes or High on Life walkthroughs.