Signalis first puzzle getting on the elevator

Signalis first puzzle – how to complete

Is there anything better than starting a new game? Probably not, that feeling of a new story, an all new world (and a new fantastic point of view) to explore. And isn’t it terribly frustrating to get stuck at the first puzzle? Players of the latest survival horror, Signalis, sure know the pain. So here is how to complete Signalis first puzzle and get to the good stuff!

The survival horror game clearly pays homage to the classics of the genre in the late 90s, but it’s also definitely doing its own thing. That is why genre fans have been paying attention and were rewarded with one of the best games of last year, we also mentioned in our best of!

But let’s not dawdle, you are here to know how to continue the game so let’s look at Signalis first puzzle and try to complete it.

How to complete Signalis first puzzle

As soon as you can, exit the room and take the ladder that will bring you to the Upper Gallery. Enter the Forward hall via the bottom door and continue through another door to enter the Flight Deck. Once there, interact with the picture you will find in the upper left side of the cockpit, taped to the monitor.

Exit and go back to the ladder. This time, go through the top door, continue to enter the Cryogenics Lab. You need to unlock the pod by using the keypad to the right. But which is the code?

How to open the locked pod

The solution is, you guessed it, in the photograph. Open up your inventory and look at it, you will find the code on the back. At this point, put the photo away and go back to the keypad and click in this order: top left button, top right button, middle center button, bottom center and bottom right.

If all has been done correctly, you will see the pod open before you. After it has been drained, pick up the key card that has been left there but, unfortunately, you will see it’s broken. There goes another puzzle.

How to repair the keycard

Return to the Upper Gallery, this time go right to enter the Mess hall. You will find a computer console if you look at the top, where there will be adhesive tape. At this point, enter the inventory and combine the tape with the keycard so you can get it back together to use it.

That’s it! Now just use the keycard to enter the airlock and you will have solved Signalis first puzzle. We are sure now you can continue your journey as the game opens up quite a bit after the first few screens. If you are unsure how to continue, though, check out our guide on the cryo code.

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