Assign houses in Sengoku Dynasty - building a fence

How to Assign Houses in Sengoku Dynasty

Sengoku Dynasty is a game that revolves around building and managing your own village. As you progress in the game, one of the key tasks is to assign houses to your villagers. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process on how to assign houses in Sengoku Dynasty.

Assigning a house to a villager not only provides them with a place to live but also increases their happiness and productivity. 

Read on to find out how you can assign houses in Sengoku Dynasty.

How to Assign Houses in Sengoku Dynasty

Before you can assign houses to your villagers, you need to establish your village and build suitable shelters for them. To do this, access the Housing section under the Building menu. Here, you can equip your hammer and start constructing houses for your villagers. However, building houses requires certain materials such as planks, sticks, and logs.

To gather these materials, you can explore the game world and collect them from various sources. For example, trees can be chopped down to obtain logs, which can then be processed into planks. Sticks can be gathered from bushes and other vegetation. Make sure to gather enough materials to build the desired number of houses for your villagers.

Crafting Furniture for the Houses

In addition to building the physical structure of the houses, you also need to furnish them with furniture. This includes essential items like beds for the villagers to sleep on. To craft furniture, you will need resources such as straws and other materials specific to each item.

Crafting beds, for example, requires a combination of resources like straws and planks. Once you have gathered the necessary materials, access the crafting menu and select the bed option to create it. Repeat this process for other furniture items you want to place in the houses.

Recruiting Villagers to Join Your Village

Now that you have established your village and built houses with furniture, it’s time to recruit villagers to join your community. The first villager you can recruit is Ako. To recruit Ako, go to the Dynasty menu and click on the Population tab. Here, you will see a list of available villagers, including Ako.

Select Ako from the list, and then click on the Home option. Ako will need a house to live in, so choose a house that hasn’t reached its maximum capacity yet. This ensures that there is enough space for Ako to settle in. Once you have selected the house, click on the bed option to assign a bed to Ako.

Assigning Houses to Other Villagers

After assigning a house to Ako, you can repeat the same process to assign houses to other villagers in your community. Access the Population tab in the Dynasty menu and select the villager you want to assign a house. Choose an available house and assign a bed to the villager by clicking on the bed option.

It’s important to note that each house has a maximum capacity, so make sure to keep track of how many villagers can be accommodated in each house. If a house is already at its maximum capacity, you will need to either build additional houses or assign the villager to a different house with available space.

Benefits of Assigning Houses to Villagers

Assigning houses to villagers in Sengoku Dynasty offers several benefits. Firstly, it increases the happiness of the villagers, which in turn improves their productivity and overall performance in the village. Happy villagers are more likely to efficiently carry out their assigned tasks, leading to the growth and prosperity of your village.

Furthermore, assigning houses to villagers creates a sense of belonging and community within your village. Villagers who have a designated place to live feel valued and are more likely to develop strong bonds with other members of the community. This fosters a positive and harmonious environment in your village.

Tracking Unassigned Villagers

To keep track of unassigned villagers who still require a house, you can refer to the Population tab in the Dynasty menu. This tab provides an overview of all the villagers in your village, including their assigned houses. If you notice any villagers without assigned houses, prioritize assigning them a suitable place to live.

By regularly checking the Population tab, you can ensure that all your villagers have a home in the Sengoku Dynasty. This not only improves the overall well-being of your villagers but also contributes to the efficient functioning of your village as a whole.

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