Void Ray Palia - where to catch it Character fishing

Void Ray Palia – where to catch it

When it comes to catching epic fishes in Palia, Void Rays always tops the list. They are a strange type of fish that feels straight out of an Alien movie. With their unique colors and esoteric anatomy, you will love to collect them. But as they are of the epic variety, it may take some time. So, to boost this process, this article will let you know where you can catch Void Ray in Palia.

Finding Void Rays may take some time as they are not found in the lakes and rivers where you usually go fishing. They are a bit tricky and mysterious. Make sure not to get frustrated or rage quit while fishing. You will never know when a Void Ray might bite your bait.

Keep reading and find out where you can catch Void Ray in Palia. Get this elusive fish into your ever-expanding fish collection.

Void Ray Palia - where to catch it Character Character holding a fish

This is where can catch Void Ray in Palia

First, you will need to get the Glow Worm bait, as Void Rays can only be caught with it. Now, you will need to travel to the Bahari Bay Caves. This is the area where you can catch Void Rays. Start fishing in the ponds inside the caves, especially near Pavel Mines, and hopefully, you will catch them in no time.

Void Ray is a cavefish, and they are not available anywhere else. It is also part of the Spooky Bundle, making it an item that is required for beating the Vault of Waves quest. Therefore, make sure to save one Void Ray for this quest. A good quality Void Ray can be sold for up to 562 Gold.

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