Shepp Palia - how to find and join Character pointing to a place on a map

Shepp Palia – how to find and join

Interacting with NPCs characters who in-habit Palia’s mesmerizing world is a huge selling point of this game. You will enjoy talking to them and learning about their personality, ideologies, likes, and dislikes. There are many levels that you have to cross before becoming more intimate with a character, and there is the Shepp feature as well. This latter quality of the game is something that you can only find in Palia, so it may be confusing for some players. Here’s what it is and how you can get a Shepp in Palia.

This Shepp feature makes relationship building in this game pretty unique when compared to other MMORPGs. It is also very intrinsic to the in-game lore. You will find it fascinating and will learn more about how certain relationships work in this game.

So, keep reading and find out about how to make someone your Shepp in Palia. You will find this type of relationship pretty fascinating and interesting.

Shepp Palia - how to find and join Character getting asked to become a mentor

Making Shepps in Palia explained

Making someone your Sheepp means to have them become your mentor, so to speak. To make someone your shepp, you have to choose between the 19 adult characters present in the game. You can find most of them in the village.

Once you decide on a particular character that you want to make your Shepp, you need to reach Level 4 Friendship with them. The moment you reach this level, you will get an option to make them your Shepp.

Shepp is actually a word from the Majiri Langauge meaning, of course, “Mentor.” This type of relationship is very common in the Majiri Society and is considered a great honor for both the Shepp and the person who is getting mentored by them.

Currently, this is all there is in Palia regarding the Shepp relationships. More things may be added later on with future updates. Another thing to note is that you can’t make children your Shepp, as they obviously would not have the required experience.

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