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The Sims 4 Engineer career guide

Make your Sim a robotic expert by letting them pursue the Engineer Career. This job option is always an enthralling one due to all of the tasks and abilities your Sim is able to unlock. But if you are having trouble understanding its ins and out, then here’s a The Sims 4 Engineer career guide.

Your Sim will really enjoy their time tinkering with computers and inventing amazing robots that will surely be awe-inspiring and game-changing. This career path is also very exciting and entertaining when compared to other job options present in the game.

So, read on and find out about The Sims 4 engineer career guide.

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The Sims 4 Engineer career guide explained

This career option was added to the game with the Discover University Expansion Pack, so be sure to add this to your game. Then, you can access the Engineer job option from the Career Panel menu. Although your Sim doesn’t need to graduate from the university, having a Computer Science and Physics degree is helpful if you want a headstart in this career. Also, work-from-home is preferred in this career path.

The perfect trait that goes well with being an Engineer is the Genius trait. Moreover, the ideal mood is also going to be Focused, so this trait will definitely help you out a lot. You also need to be aware that your Sim can die while working Robotics. This happens when they get zapped.

Thus, try to avoid this unfortunate end as much as you can by making your Sim read a book instead. The prime skills that you need to focus on from Levels 1-6 are Robotics, Programming, and Handiness. And your Sim’s daily tasks will be Tinker at Robotics.

From then on, you will get to decide which branch you want your Sim to specialize in, Computer Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

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The Computer Engineering Branch

This is one definitely for the nerds. In this career branch, your Sim’s daily task is to construct Computer Chip. So, having a higher level of Programming is desirable. Furthermore, the Computer Glasses will also be unlocked. 

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The Mechanical Engineering Branch

In this branch, your Sim’s daily task is to Construct Mechanisms. This means that your Sim will get to build amazing inventions. Having a higher level of Logic and Handiness is also required. As you progress. you will unlock the ExoMech Suit and the ExoMech Helmet. The latter when worn, gives your Sim a permanent Focused boost, so equipping it is very useful.

These were all of the important things to keep in mind while choosing this career path. If you liked what you read, then please check out our other content such as Roots of Pacha fishing guide and The Sims 4 Critic career guide.