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The Sims 4 Freelancer career guide

Sometimes you just want to give your Sim the freedom to avoid doing the usual 9 to 5 jobs and give them more flexible hours and much more relaxing tasks to do. This is where the Freelance career will come in handy. But if you are wondering how to even start this career, here’s The Sims 4 Freelancer career guide.

By pursuing this career path, your Sim can make money on the basis of the schedule you decide on and which in turn gives them plenty of time to perform other activities.

In any case, read on and find out about this easy-to-follow The Sims 4 Freelancer career guide.

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Here’s The Sims 4 Freelancer career guide explained

To begin this career, click on the career tab in the lower left corner and then choose the Freelancer option. Once you do this, the game will ask you which specialization you want. You can choose between three options, Programmer, Writer, or Digital Artist. All of these branches require your Sim to have a computer, however, for being Digital Artist you will need a digital sketchpad.

To perform gigs, go to the career panel and select ” Check for Gigs,” and pick the gigs you want to do. You will also notice that a lot of the gigs are going to be locked behind a certain level requirement.

Although you can change your Freelancing trade whenever you want, it is not at all recommended. As once you change it, all of the progress you have done in the previous trade will go away.

So, don’t be a jack of all trades, and rather try to make sure you choose only one specialization to master. Timely complete the gigs that you take on to increase your performance bar.

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Being a Freelance Writer in The Sims 4

For this branch, having Creative, Perfectionist, or Bookworm traits are definitely going to be very useful. Your daily tasks are going to be writing books, editing, and chatting with a client. Your Sim is going to be spending most of its time in front of the computer. As the majority of the tasks are going to center around writing fantasy books or ghostwriting.

Try to take a writing job that will require you to give only one write-up, as your Sim will also need to get the approval from the client, thus, it becomes very troublesome if there are multiple write-ups in the one gig you are performing.

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Being a Freelance Programmer in The Sims 4

As the name of this career suggests, you really need to train your Programming skills for this branch. You can get gigs like creating viruses, hacking systems, and many more similar programming-related tasks. However, one of the more time-consuming tasks that players should avoid doing is encrypting data.

The best part of the branch is that it pays the most, so if you want your Sim to be something more lucrative then this is the best branch out of the three. When you unlock more levels, then your Sim can even get a gig that requires them to make a game, so it is also pretty exciting.

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Being a Freelance Artist in The Sims 4

In this branch, traits like Creative, Perfectionist, and Art Lover are going to be very useful. The main skill you have to focus on is the Painting skill, and your Sim will mainly use the Digital sketchpad to make the illustrations. Meeting clients or class is also required and your Sim may even disappear in a rabbit hole during these meetings. This is arguably the less profitable branch among the three.

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