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The Sims 4 Law career guide

Make your Sim the symbol of Justice by turning them into a judge or a private attorney. All of this is possible thanks to the Law career options players can get in the game. However, if you are having trouble with the basics that you should keep in mind while pursuing this career, then here’s The Sims 4 Law career guide for you.

Take your Sim to court and deal with multiple clients and represent them. Throughout this law career, your Sim will get to perform various tasks that will make them a force of justice which will definitely turn the in-game world into a much fairer place.

Read on and find out about all of the important things regarding this career path with the help of our The Sims 4 Law career guide.

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The Sims 4 Law career guide Explained

The Law career comes with the Discover University expansion pack. You can start this career through the career panel menu and you will also get an option for working from home. This is a preferred way of doing this job as your Sim will have more free time on their hands.

This entire career is designed around Research and Debate Skills, so make sure your sim goes to university. Getting a History or Literature degree will really help your Sim’s performance.

When it comes to traits, make sure to choose the Outgoing trait as your Sim may require to have a higher level of Charisma, and the Genius Trait, as keeping their Logic Skill up is always a good thing. You can mix these traits up with Lot traits as well such as with the Convival and the Science lair. Owning a Research Computer along with a normal computer is also a must.

You will start your career at Level 1 with the title of Process Server and your daily tasks till Level 7 is going to be filing documents. Having high levels of Research and Debate, Logic and Charisma will surely make this process a lot easier. Once you finish Level 7 this career will branch into two specifications, Judge and Private Attorney.

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The Judge career branch

To successfully choose this branch, you will first need to pass the law exam that will happen at Level 4, so make sure you successfully pass it. Now, once you choose this career branch, your daily tasks will be making rulings. You will also have to focus on your Logic Skills more and you will unlock the ability to Guest Speak for some extra cash.

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The Private Attorney career branch

This branch requires more Charisma Skills from your Sim as they will need to interact with clients and make sure their image in the law community is strong and influential. The daily tasks are to offer legal representation and obtain new clients, and you might even need to build friendships.

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