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How to make money fast in Palia

Want to get rich quickly and be able to purchase anything you want? Learning how to make money fast in Palia is an essential skill for the early game that will help you buy any upgrades you need.

There are many ways to make money in the game since you can sell almost every item you get. However, some items sell for a fairly high price while others aren’t worth selling at all.

In this guide, I will explain how to make money fast in Palia by showcasing the best money-making methods in the early and mid stages of the game.

How to make money fast in Palia - Player earning gold from Shipping bin sales.

Best ways to make money fast in Palia

Money is the most essential currency in Palia. You’ll need it to buy items, upgrade your tools and house, and progress in the game. To make money in the early game of Palia, players should focus on completing quests and selling expensive items.

Overall, the best items to sell involve Antlers, high-quality fish, and crops. Antlers can drop by killing Sernhuk. These are deer-like animals and players will need to hunt a lot of them for their hide.

To get high-quality fish, explore around the map and fish in any hotspots you can find (spots with bubbles). These are common and players can find them in every water source.

Lastly, farming crops is a simple and efficient way to make money. The best crop for the early game of Palia is the Tomato, as it has the highest selling price.

Other ways to make money involve selling any items you don’t need, such as spare Flint, Sernhuk Hide, or forageable flowers. Throw these in the bin next to your house and they will be sold automatically twice every in-game day.

Keep in mind that each day in Palia lasts 60 real-life minutes, so your items will be sold every 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can visit the General Store in the town during the daytime and sell your items there. Just be careful not to sell your most important ingredients like wood and stone as you’ll definitely need them in the long run.

In conclusion, to make money fast in Palia players should sell Antlers, farm crops, and catch high-quality fish. Also, they should try to complete as many quests as they can. For more gaming guides, check out our articles on the best gifts for Eliott in Stardew Valley and our Jagged Alliance 3 complete walkthrough guide.

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