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How to Get Clay in Palia

As with any adventure, gathering materials is a crucial step in progressing through the game. While collecting wood and stone may be the initial focus, finding and using Clay is essential for advancing further in Palia. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various aspects of Clay in Palia, including how to find it, its uses, and valuable tips to enhance your gameplay.

Palia, an exciting new game currently in open beta testing, offers players a vibrant and colorful world to explore.

Read on to find out how to get and use Clay in Palia, let’s see what to use it for.

Where to find Clay in Palia

Finding Clay in Palia can be an exciting yet challenging task. The coastal areas of the game world serve as prime locations for discovering this valuable resource. Clay is often available in the form of brown stones, which are typically located near beaches and water sources. These Clay stones are known to be hidden in the grass or scattered across the middle of the beach, making them slightly elusive but not overly difficult to locate.

To maximize your Clay-gathering efforts, explore the entire coast of Fishermans Lagoon, a region teeming with Clay deposits. Additionally, the coastal area of Remembrance Beach, particularly between the grass and near the bridges, is another fruitful spot for finding Clay. Gillyfin Cove on the west coast is also known to have a significant amount of Clay on its beaches. Keep in mind that you can also find Clay near other bodies of water, such as Whispering Banks, although the spawn points may vary.

Once you have identified a Clay deposit, mining it is the next crucial step. To extract Clay from the brown stone, you will need a pickaxe, which is available from Hodari at the start of the game. Using your pickaxe, strike the Clay deposit to obtain 5-6 Clay pieces per mining attempt. This generous yield allows you to accumulate a substantial amount of Clay relatively quickly.

How to use Clay in Palia

Clay serves multiple purposes in Palia, making it an indispensable resource throughout your gameplay. One of the primary uses of Clay is in crafting smoke bombs, which are essential for catching bugs. By combining one Clay and one Sundrop Lily, you can create a batch of 20 smoke bombs. These smoke bombs prove invaluable when it comes to insect-catching activities in Palia.

In addition to smoke bombs, Clay is also vital for creating ceramic bricks. After reaching mining level two and acquiring the crafting recipe from Hodari, you can unlock the smelter and start producing ceramic bricks. You can use these bricks for various purposes, such as constructing decorative elements for your home or crafting intricate mechanisms like the Fabric Loom.

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