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Hollow Knight Willoh secret room – how to find it

Hollow Knight is an exceptional Metroidvania-style adventure game with a 2D side-scrolling perspective that is set underground within a fictional kingdom called Hallownest that is full of danger and intrigue, with secret rooms that are fraught with vicious bugs and other creatures. Among these secret places, one particular room that has gripped the imagination of players far and wide is Hollow Knight Willoh secret room.

These elusive areas, shrouded in mystery and intrigue, hold within them promises of untold rewards waiting to be discovered.

So, if you want to know about Hollow Knight Willoh secret room, read on.

Where to find Willoh secret room in Hollow Knight

Willoh is one of the NPCs in Hollow Knight, who can be found indulging in some fungus snacks above the Stag Station located in Queen’s Station. By venturing near her and executing a double jump, you’ll discover a hidden area. There, you’ll find a valuable item called the Hallownest Seal, which can be sold for a handsome profit of 450 Geo.

This fascinating NPC is actually a giraffe weevil that stumbled upon a rare type of fungus that can only be found in the same station where she resides. Due to the perilous conditions of the Fungal Wastes and Fog Canyon, Willoh has decided to stay within the safe confines of Queen’s Station for the duration of her food supply. Can’t blame her, right?

In addition to consuming the fungus located in the station, Willoh has also indulged in a variety of insects and even contemplates feasting on the Knight. But no worries, as she doesn’t pose any threat to the player. At some point during Willoh’s journey, they encountered Cloth and warned her of the potential threat posed by the Mantis Tribe residing in Mantis Village.

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