Hollow Knight Fragile Strength - Boss is posing

Fragile Strength Hollow Knight – how to get and stats

Hollow Knight is an action-adventure game, so called metroidvania, that offers players an immersive world to explore. Throughout the game, players can equip various Charms to enhance their abilities and improve their chances of success. One such Charm is Fragile Strength. In this article, we will delve into the details of Hollow Knight Fragile Strength, including its stats and how you can get it.

The Fragile Strength charm is a powerful boon for players that boosts the damage of their primary weapon, the Nail, making it even more formidable against enemies.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the coveted and powerful Hollow Knight Fragile Strength, read on.

How to get Fragile Strength in Hollow Knight

In order to obtain the Fragile Strength Charm in the game, players must embark on a journey into the Fungal Wastes area and interact with a merchant named Leg Eater, who sells this valuable item. Initially, the Charm goes for a pricey sum of 600 Geo, but those who have equipped the Defender’s Crest Charm will be able to take advantage of a discount and purchase it for only 480 Geo. 

Additionally, it’s important to note that if the Fragile Strength Charm happens to break, Leg Eater will fix it for you at a cost of 350 Geo. However, those with the Defender’s Crest Charm will once again be able to enjoy a discounted price, bringing the repair cost down to only 280 Geo.

Fragile Strength Stats

Fragile Strength is an empowering Charm in the game, Hollow Knight, designed to boost the player’s Nail damage output by an impressive 50%. This game-changing enhancement is invaluable in battle, allowing players to become more offensive when fighting enemies and imposing bosses. The only catch with Fragile Strength, as its name suggests, is that it is incredibly fragile. If the player character, known as The Knight, dies, the charm shatters. However, don’t worry too much – the broken charm can be fixed by a visit to the merchant, Leg Eater, as mentioned earlier.

That’s all you need to know about obtaining the Fragile Strength charm in this guide. If you are interested in other Hollow Knight tidbits, check out Willoh secret room and Lake of Unn location.