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Final Fantasy 14 hunt locations

Final Fantasy 14 offers an array of exciting challenges and adventures, and one of the most thrilling activities for players is the Hunt System. This unique game feature allows players to track down and defeat powerful enemies known as Hunt Marks in various locations throughout Eorzea. In this guide, we share details on all Final Fantasy 14 hunt locations.

Hunt Marks come in different categories, such as B-ranks, A-ranks, and S-ranks, each representing varying levels of difficulty. So make sure to pick the right one for your character to do.

Read to find out all the Final Fantasy 14 hunt locations so you can find them easily and get everything you need to.

Hunt locations and how to unlock them

Hunt locations in Final Fantasy 14 are scattered throughout the game world and can be unlocked in a variety of ways. While some hunt locations are easily accessible from the beginning, others require certain prerequisites, conditions, or quests to be fulfilled. To help you unlock each hunt in Final Fantasy 14, we’ve compiled comprehensive details on how to do so:

The Hunt (A Realm Reborn) 

In order for players to acquire mark bills from the Hunt board, they will need to achieve the rank of Second Lieutenant in their respective Grand Company and subsequently complete one of the quests listed below:

  • Let the Hunt Begin (Maelstrom)
    • Location – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.7, Y:12.8)
  • Let the Hunt Begin (Twin Adder)
    • Location – New Gridania (X:9.9, Y:11.4)
  • Let the Hunt Begin (Immortal Flames)
    • Location – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:8.6, Y:9.4)

Clan Hunt (Heavensward)

To access all the clan hunt bills available in Foundation, you will need to fulfill various quests. Below are the following quests you need to complete in order to progress further in the game and obtain rewards: 

  • Let the Clan Hunt Begin – Level 53 quest
    • Location: Foundation (X:12.9, Y:11.8)
  • Better Bill Hunting – Level 56 quest
    • Location: Foundation (X:12.6, Y:11.6)
  • Top Marks – Level 59 quest
    • Location: Idyllshire (X:6.4, Y:6.8)
  • Elite and Dangerous – Level 60 quest
    • Location: Foundation (X:13.0, Y:11.8)

Veteran Clan Hunt (Stormblood)

The quests in Kugane that unlock at level 61 are not accessible until the completion of Elite and Dangerous quest. However, once that quest is completed, players can embark on the following quests:

  • One-star Veteran Clan Hunt – Level 61 quest
    • Location: Kugane (X:10.3, Y:10.2)
  • Two-star Veteran Clan Hunt – Level 63 quest
    • Location: Kugane (X:10.3, Y:10.2)
  • Three-star Veteran Clan Hunt – Level 66 quest
    • Location: Kugane (X:10.3, Y:10.2)
  • Elite Veteran Clan Hunt – Level 70 quest
    • Location: Kugane (X:10.3, Y:10.2)

Nutsy Clan Hunt (Shadowbringers)

In order to unlock certain quests in the Crystarium, you must first complete the Elite Veteran Clan Hunt quest and be at least level 70. It is important to note that these quests cannot be started until the said quest has been fully completed:

  • Nuts to You – Level 70 quest
    • Location: The Crystarium (X:12.1, Y:15.0)
  • Two Nuts Too Nutty – Level 73 quest
    • Location: The Crystarium (X:9.5, Y:9.3)
  • How Do You Like Three Nuts – Level 76 quest
    • Location: The Crystarium (X:9.5, Y:9.3)
  • Too Many Nutters – Level 80 quest
    • Location: The Crystarium (X:9.5, Y:9.3)

Guildship Hunt (Endwalker)

In order to unlock the following quests in the Old Sharlayan starting at level 80, you must first complete the above-mentioned tasks:

  • The Hunt for Specimens – Level 80 quest
    • Location: Old Sharlayan (X:11.2, Y:12.0)
  • That Specimen Came from the Moon – Level 83 quest
    • Location: Old Sharlayan (X:11.7, Y:13.2)
  • A Hunt for the Ages – Level 89 quest
    • Location: Old Sharlayan (X:11.7, Y:13.2)
  • Perfect Specimens – Level 90 quest
    • Location: Old Sharlayan (X:11.7, Y:13.2)

That’s all in this hunt location 14 guide. We hope you find this Final Fantasy guide helpful. If so, you can check out other Final Fantasy guides on Bomb King location Final Fantasy 16, and Final Fantasy 16 Breaker of Worlds location.