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Silkworm Cocoon FFXIV – where and how to get it

If you are a FFXIV player who loves wearing aesthetically pleasing clothes and armor and is really serious about how your character looks, then you will need to harvest some Silkworm Cocoons. With this item, you can craft an unfathomable amount of attire that will also affect your gameplay. So, if you don’t know where to find it, then this article will provide you with the location for Silkworm Cocoon in FFXIV.

It is one of those items that has a really specific spawn location, and you will have to also consider your timing. This can get annoying, but once you understand the perfect time to get it, you will never run out of it.

Keep reading to find out where you can find Silkworm Cocoon in FFXIV and become a fashion-forward player.

Silkworm Cocoon FFXIV Character standing next to a giant tree

How to find Skilkworm Cocoon in FFXIV?

You can find Silkworm Cocoons in East Shroud from 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM (X:22.0 Y: -25.7). You can find it under the tall tree house in Little Solace, where you accept the Tribe quest. You will have to scour this place a little more closely. You may even need to activate the “Truth of Forests” when you are in the area to see it.

Keep in mind that the location symbol can cover the quest symbol on your mini-map. And if you don’t know where East Shroud is, it is a zone in The Black Shroud.

Once you find the Silkworm Cocoons, you will be able to craft Silk Thread and Crawler. These items are essential things that you will need to create a variety of armor parts, so you really need to harvest some of them if you want to make some more meaningful progress.

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