Dirty Ice Vault Payday 3 — how to open Character standing on the road

Dirty Ice Vault Payday 3 — how to open

Dirty Ice Heist in Payday 3 is one of the more difficult heists in the game, as you have multiple ways to complete this mission, and it can get easily confusing. One of the things that players, especially those who are playing solo, get stuck at is the vault. In the jewelry store, you will find a vault in a restricted hallway, and opening it can be frustrating. So, this article will particularly provide you with the best way to open up the Dirty Ice Vault in Payday 3.

Getting all the loot feels very satisfying in Payday 3. You are putting in a lot of effort and time, and not getting everything you wanted just makes your hard work go to waste. So, don’t worry about not successfully completing this heist on your first try. But when you do succeed, try to get everything you can.

But we know you need help. So let’s look at how the Dirty Ice Vault in Payday 3 mission works.

Dirty Ice Vault Payday 3 — how to open Character holding someone hostage

How to open the Dirty Ice vault in Payday 3?

Before you go straight to the vault, you will need to do a couple of things before. So, follow the steps below:

Getting into the basement

  • First, you will need the code for the basement. Go to the back alley next to the Jewelry store. Unlock the fence gate and steal the blue keycard from the guard, and on the left side next to a vehicle, there will be a phone on the ground. Search the phone and then open the door on the right side.
  • Walk straight ahead and unlock the room on the left side, opposite the vault. It will be the manager’s office. Get inside and use the computer. Check the emails and find the email with the subject being the basement code.
  • It will say that the code is on the employee of the month photo.
  • Go inside the jewelry store’s public area, and behind one of the pillars, you will find the photo and the code.
  • Go back to the back alley entrance, and on the right side, you will find stairs that lead to the basement door. Enter the code.
  • Walk straight into the basement, keep moving forward, and on the other side, the first door you encounter in front of you is the room containing a red key. So, unlock it.

Accessing the Vault

  • Go back to the restricted hallway and enter the manager’s room.
  • You will need a hostage with you if you are playing alone.
  • Then, use them as a human shield near the red button on the table, then shove them towards the red button. They will press it.
  • Quickly run to the vault and scan the red card. The vault will open up.
  • You have to make sure that you press the red button and scan the red card simultaneously. Or at least do both of these things very quickly, without any big delays in the between.

Once you do this, the vault should open up, and you can steal the reward behind it. Completing this task with a friend will be a lot easier, that’s for sure.

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