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Payday 3 Rock the Cradle guide

Rock the Cradle in Payday 3 is the perfect mission that is designed very well for stealth. However, it is also pretty challenging, and there are many things you have to keep in mind and do in a particular order if you want to succeed. Even one error may mess up your entire plan; you will have to start from scratch. So, to help you players who are really struggling with this heist, this article will provide them with the most efficient guide for completing Rock the Cradle in Payday 3.

In this mission, you will be visiting the high-class Neon Cradle nightclub. Full of people getting boozed up and security guards that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If they realize what you are planning to do there, it will be difficult to get out of that sticky situation.

We have played and can tell you about the Rock the Cradle mission in Payday 3 and how to best complete it.

Payday 3 Rock the Cradle guide Character looking at a laptop

How to complete Rock the Cradle in Payday 3?

You can divide this entire mission into three phases: Get into the VIP Room, Steal the Crypto Wallet, and Uncover the Vault.

Get into the VIP room

  • Enter the neon cradle and find a stairwell.
  • It will be on the opposite side of the VIP room, on the left side of the bar.
  • Lockpick the door and climb up the stairs.
  • Open the door on the upper floor and walk straight ahead to another locked door. Lockpick it as well.
  • This is the room in which you can get the Blank VIP invitation card. But for that, you will need a particular QR code, sadly locked behind a display case.
  • Find Rifkin; she will be highlighted on the map. Crouch behind her and hack her phone.
  • Now go back to the room, unlock the display, and take the Blank VIP invitation card.
  • With this card, get out of the room and find a staircase on the left side of one of the entrances to this club. It will be a restricted staircase, but still, climb up.
  • When you reach the upper floor, on the left side of Private Booth 2, there will be a table with an RFID Writer. Remember to hide from the surveillance cameras.
  • Use the RFID Writer on the Blank VIP invitation card and then go back to the bouncers.
  • They will let you enter the VIP area.
  • When you enter this area, steal the blue card from the bouncer.

Stealing the Crypto Wallet

  • Before going to the IT Room, go to the rightmost side of this VIP area and lockpick a door that leads to a Stairwell.
  • Go up the staircase, avoid the cameras, and enter the Accounting Office.
  • There, inside a storage room, you will find a red keycard.
  • Walk towards the door that leads you to the IT Room, distract the bouncer, and enter it.
  • Don’t get spotted by the cameras, and use the red card to get into the actual IT room.
  • Look at the whiteboard and see what code and color is written next to “Switch:” This will indicate which fusebox you have to use to cut the power to the IT room.
  • Get out of the IT room, walk straight ahead, climb up the stairs, and also the stairs on the left side. You will encounter a room that requires a blue card. Use the blue card that you stole from the bouncer when you were entering this area.
  • Find the fusebox with the code that was written on the whiteboard and flip the switch which was the color that was also written on the whiteboard.
  • Go back to the Accounting Room and use the computer there to reset the Biometric Scanner.
  • Go to the IT Room, distract the bouncer again, and grab the Crypto Wallet.
  • Come out of the room and throw it on the leftmost side of the VIP area. Next to the giant bar.

Uncovering the Vault (Optional)

  • Find the Maintenance room, it will be on the left side after you climb up the first staircase on the opposite side of the IT room. Unlock it and enter; the Vault room will be on the right side.
  • Go back to the Accounting Office to find the code for the Vault.
  • You will find three codes: one inside a safe, one on the seat, and one in the store room where you found the red card.
  • Try all three codes, one of them should be the right one.
  • Get that sweet loot and run.

This is how you can complete this entire mission solo while also being stealthy. Remember to also loot all the other things you find in the VIP area before you escape. But do this preferably after you get the Crypto Wallet.

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