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Stranded Alien Dawn energy crystal farming explained

Excited to be marooned on an alien planet in Stranded Alien Dawn? Us too. Get us out of here already, please. Anyway, since we’re dealing with a strategy game here, there are all kinds of resources that need obtaining to build your community larger, which is why we’re dealing with Stranded Alien Dawn energy crystal farming in this guide.

When it comes to Stranded Alien Dawn energy crystal farming, there’s a certain order to things. There’s also some additional information that you need to know before simply slapping down a crystal farm. Trust us, we’ve made these mistakes already.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know. So have at it, and hopefully, we’ll have helped you on your extraterrestrial journey. And don’t forget to save a seat for us when you leave.

stranded alien dawn energy crystal farming a base in a sandy environment

Stranded Alien Dawn energy crystal farming – everything you need to know about it

To farm crystals in Stranded Alien Dawn, you need to first research power cell manufacture in the technology tree. Once you’ve researched the technology, you can then select energy crystals as a crop in the farming menu.

Once you’ve planted the energy crystal crop, you will have to wait 24 in-game days for it to grow before you can harvest it, so make sure you’re thinking ahead and planning accordingly.

Most crops only take from five to eight days before they’re ready to harvest, like hay, clothblossom, and shrooms. Energy crystals are also very susceptible to temperature, and when it drops below freezing, the crystals start to get damaged by the conditions.

This means that you’ll struggle to get an energy crystal farm up and running in your first year, so be prepared.

That’s everything you need to know about farming the brittle resources in the strategy game Stranded Alien Dawn. If you want to read more tips and tricks on the game, then head over to our guides on how to get the mech core and our best seeds tier list to help you out.

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