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Hogwarts Legacy spell list – all casting abilities

Have you been looking forward to get back to the world of Harry Potter and all of its weird and strange creatures? We sure are, but along with going to school and learning how to wave around our magic wands, we will also be casting a lot of different spells. But which ones? Here is the Hogwarts Legacy spell list for you to peruse.

In the game we will have to chance to use many of the classic spells you might remember from the book, but we are also pretty sure there will be some surprises. For sure, be careful what you want to learn, as some of those might lead you down a dark path.

But enough warnings, we want to know the spells! So, let’s take a look at which castables you’ll be able to learn.

Hogwarts Legacy spell list

The game will feature twenty six different spells for the player to learn and try, some of those can be learned in the main story, others will depend on their choices. Here is what we have seen so far by looking at some of the gameplay videos:

Accio – spell used to move around objects and enemies;
Alohomora – spell to open chests and doors;
Arresto Momentum – freeze enemies mid-movement;
Avada Kedavra – used to kill an enemy;
Confringo – cast a fireball;
Crucio – hurt enemies with constant damage over time;
Descendo – slam those baddies to the ground;
Diffindo – cut objects;
Expelliarmus – disarm those pesky creatures;
Flipendo – send the target flying backwards;
Imperio – charm the enemies to combat with you;
Incendio – burn them;
Nox/Lumos – darken/lighten the area around you;
Patrificus Totalus – turn to stone;
Protego – summons a shield that protects the bearer;
Revelio – see which objects can be picked up;
Rictusempra – distract and disarm baddies;
Riddikulus – boggarts will change shape whether they like it or not;
Stupefy – stun those enemies;
Wingardium Leviosa – go around levitating like a boss.

This is just a temporary list, as the final game might have even more spells for you to learn, so we will definitely update when we have more information. The spells are color coded and divided into four different categories depending on the type of use (control enemies, damage them, essential ones learned in the story and force).

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