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Stranded Alien Dawn best seeds explained

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Are you looking for the best seeds to play in this game? If so, you’re in the right place because in this guide, we will take you through the Stranded Alien Dawn best seeds.

A good starting point can make all the difference in this strategy game. These seeds can help you mitigate the game’s randomness by providing ideal or at least beneficial starting points. 

Keep reading to find out the Stranded Alien Dawn best seeds!

Best seeds in Stranded Alien Dawn

Here is our list of the best seeds in the game, along with their notable advantages:

  • CITY-HAT: You will be able to start the game near the mountains with plenty of resources, a forest, and lots of game for food.
  • COW-ZONE: This is a flat area with lots of resources, an extra survivor within a week, and several breakthroughs.
  • DRAGON-FLY: You can start the game in an area with excellent soil for crops.
  • DUMA-KEY: This seed covers every resource in the game, and you’ll get an extra survivor within a week.
  • FLORA-FAUNA: This seed is a combination of mountains and forest, with lots of trees and resources.
  • FOLD-BUY: This seed spawns a well-sized, flat area ideal to start your expedition.
  • INSIDE-ANGER: This seed is great for creating a farm and with plenty of stone, but not many trees.
  • LACK-SHIFT: Flat and expansive, this seed gives you the option to set up shop overlooking a massive lake or a large, sprawling inland area.
  • LLL: You will be spawning near a lake with a lot of resources, and an extra survivor is guaranteed within seven days.
  • POWER-OVERWHELMING: You can start your home on a mountainous plateau with plenty of resources and an extra survivor within a week.

We hope that this guide helped you learn more about the best Stranded Alien Dawn seeds out there. Why not check our guides such as where to get grain in the game? Also, here’s the reason why Skope servers are offline in Dead Island 2.