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Stranded Alien Dawn grain – where to get it

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Stranded: Alien Dawn is a survival game that puts you in control of colonists stranded on a deserted planet. In this guide, we will take you through how to get Stranded Alien Dawn grain.

You must navigate through a hostile environment and fend off menacing monsters while ensuring the survival of your people. Grain is a crucial resource necessary for sustaining your colony.

Keep reading to find out how you can get Stranded Alien Dawn grain!

How to get grain in Stranded Alien Dawn 

To begin harvesting grain in the game, you must first locate the GrainCob plant. This plant is easy to spot as it stands out from the other plants and is similar in appearance to the tall grass, which is the one that provides hay. The graincob plant is also referred to as the Long Leafed Plant in the game.

Once you have found the graincob plant, start harvesting Grain as soon as possible. You will require a considerable amount of grain to maintain your colony’s food, fuel, and carbon supplies. If you do not find any grain plants near your crash site, consider starting anew with a fresh seed. This will also help you determine whether the soil in the surrounding area is suitable for your colony.

Certain maps contain a variety of resources that you will need to explore to find grain. The best map and biome for finding grain is the Inside-Anger, so make sure to check it out. However, the game may be buggy at times, and you may not always obtain the plants that yield grain on certain maps. If this happens, try restarting your game a few times to see if the issue resolves itself.

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