Vampire Survivors yellow sign explained - enemies approaching player

Vampire Survivors yellow sign explained

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Vampire Survivors is a game that has been making waves in the roguelike shoot-em-up gaming industry and we very much like here at VS so much that we called it the best casual game ever. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about the Vampire Survivors yellow sign.

It’s a game that is both exciting and mysterious at the same time, with a lot of hidden treasures to discover. One of these treasures is the Yellow Sign, a collectible item that can be found in a secret area. 

Let’s find out all about the Vampire Survivors yellow sign and what can be used for.

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How to find the yellow sign in Vampire Survivors

To get the Yellow Sign, you have to reach the Holy Forbidden. It’s in a hidden area that you can access by unlocking Moongolow, a special stage. First, you need to unlock Hyper Mode for four stages. You can do this by surviving them until around the 25-minute mark, when a big boss-like enemy appears. Defeat it to unlock Hyper Mode for that stage. Then, you can unlock Moongolow and find the Holy Forbidden there.

Once you beat four Hyper Mode levels, you’ll unlock Moongolow: a stage with tiles, the Merchant, and some new enemies. Be careful because some enemies, like crabs, can take a lot of damage before they die.

To reach the Holy Forbidden stage in Moongolow, you need to enter with a non-secret character and make it to the 15-minute mark. At this point, an angel-like boss enemy will appear that you’ll need to defeat.

After you defeat the boss, you’ll be taken to the Holy Forbidden stage. The stage may look strange, but all you need to do is follow the corridor. At the end of the corridor, you’ll find a Rosary to collect. Collecting the Rosary will cause the Yellow Sign to appear ahead of you, which you should also collect. Once you have collected the Yellow Sign, you can leave the stage.

What is the Yellow sign?

The Yellow Sign is a very useful passive upgrade that will significantly enhance your exploratory capabilities in the game. When you pick up the Yellow Sign, you’ll quickly discover that all hidden items across all stages are immediately revealed. That is quite good for exploring and planning your run ahead of time.

That’s all about to the Vampire Survivors yellow sign. Feel free to check out our Tides of the Foscari weapons evolution guide and character tier list