Tides of the Foscari characters tier list fighting in forest

Vampire Survivors – Tides of the Foscari character tier list

Ready for a quick stroll in the forest? The newest Vampire Suvivors expansion is all about that new level and, naturally, new characters. Which of those you might want to play as? Here’s our answer with the Tides of the Foscari characters tier list.

While Vampire Survivors already offers quite a big roster of characters, the DLCs added their own spin on things. While Legacy of the Moonspell already added quite a few characters, Tides of the Foscari makes them a little more difficult to unlock, along with adding a few unique ones such as Sammy.

Let’s not beat any more around the bush, let’s take a look at the Vampire Survivors – Tides of the Foscari character tier list.

Vampire Survivors character tier list

There are 8 new playable characters in the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. So here’s our tier list of who you should pick and who you should avoid.

Tier 1

In this tier, we’ll definitely put the first unlocked characater of the expansion, namely Eleanor Uziron. While her starting weapon is quite basic, she will receive SpellStream at level 10, then SpellStrike at level 20 which basically means getting SpellStrom automatically. Eleanor also gets the Academy Badge at level 30 which grants a lots of extra revivals.

Tier 2

In Tier 2, we’ll see put Maruto Cuts. He’s a classic strong character with strong but slow attacks. His starting weapons is Eskizzibur, which is not that strong unless it’s decently levelled up. He gains a temporary Armor bonus after getting damaged, since his whole character is about retaliation. He also receives the badge at level 30 which has to be picked up to use.

Tier 3

Finally, out of the new trio, we’ll put Keitha Muort here. While his arrow attack can be quite useful if used decently, it is too slow to even try and survive the first few waves of attacks and will have to be leveled up rapidly. But with decent move speed, you’ll probably be able to survive long enough to get some other stronger weapons.

There are seven new characters overall to unlock, so we’ll add more as we discover them. If you’re looking for more information on Vampire Suvivors DLC check out our Tides of the Foscari weapons guide.