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Lies of P Game Pass – is it coming?

We are all aware of the classic story of Pinocchio, right? Carlo Collodi’s classic book, while classically thought as being for children, was definitely a dark and twisted tale in its original form, a warning against lying to your elders. Well, those dark overtones seem to have been inspiring NEOWIZ to develop a new unique looking action game, but the question we’re asking is whether Lies of P Game Pass will be a thing or not.

NEOWIZ might be a name familiar to some, as they have been working hard as a publisher with games like 8 Doors and Metal Unit. Not really blockbusters, but overall solid interesting titles. Lies of P seems to be something quite different though, an action RPG set in a dark twisted world, where we play as the titular wood puppet Pinocchio as we try to find our dear Mr. Geppetto in an unwelcoming city.

So, from that description already you might get echoes of American McGee’s Alice, surely, so there are definitely many interested in playing it as soon as it’s released. What better way than to use our Pass to do it? So, let’s look at everything we know about Lies of P Game Pass and the Microsoft service.

Is Lies of P coming to Game Pass?

A spokesperson for NEOWIZ has confirmed, at Gamescom, that the action RPG Lies of P Is coming to Game Pass when it releases. The game is set to release sometime in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

At Gamescom the title definitely turned heads, with its Soulslike atmosphere and dark foreboding overtones, ending up being one of the titles that people were more interested in. Luckily, we won’t have to wait very long and, also, as long as we stay subscribed to Game Pass we’ll be able to play it on day one.

Are you looking forward to a bit of wooden puppeteering? We surely are, but in the meantime, while we wait for its release, we can have some fun with Vampire Survivors or, also, with the equally dark Redfall.