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Hi-Fi Rush PS5 – is it coming to Sony consoles?

There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of music. Even a song you’ve heard a thousand times, might still send you shivers down your spine. The protagonist of the latest title by Tango Gameworks might definitely have a similar problem, as he has a music player in his heart! The newest combat action title is now out for PC and Xbox, but what about Hi-Fi Rush Ps5? Is it coming to Sony consoles? Let’s find out.

Revealed to be coming directly to Microsoft’s gaming service, GamePass, Xbox and PC owners will rejoice as they can sit down and play it straight away, those lucky sods! So will players of other platforms, PlayStation 5 or even Switch, be able to access the game in the future?

Let us go through all the information we have at the moment and see if Hi-fi Rush will also come to the PlayStation 5.

Will Hi-fi Rush come to Ps5?

Based on what Bethesda has revealed about the game, there doesn’t seem to be a possibility to see Hi-fi Rush on PlayStation 5. At least not at the moment, especially because Tango Gameworks is also strictly linked with Microsoft, so we are not expecting the game to be available on any other platforms beside Xbox and PC.

Still, that doesn’t mean that things will not change in the future. If Hi-fi Rush goes on to enjoy the popularity of, let’s say, High on Life, then there might be a chance to see the game on ther platforms. Or, perhaps, if Bethesda decides to divorce from Microsoft? Can’t rule that out for sure, stranger things have happened.

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