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Alone in the Dark characters and actors – everything we know

Fans of the classic horror series Alone in the Dark have been waiting several years to see their characters finally back in action. The series has gone through several reimagining and redesigns since its original title in 1992 and it was only time that it finally got back to its roots, as the grandfather of all survival horrors.

Derceto Mansion with its horrific secrets is waiting for us once again and well, we don’t know about you, but honestly, we can’t wait to go back. At this moment, not many details have been shared about the game, but it is clear that this new reboot will be a reimagining of the original story, rather than a continuation.

But who will we play as? Who can we expect to see in this new chapter in the long-running Alone in the Dark series? Here are all the Alone in the Dark characters we know about right now.

Alone in the Dark characters

The characters that have been confirmed so far are:

  • Edward Carnby
  • Emily Hartwood

Edward Carnby

Clearly, this wouldn’t be a classic Alone in the Dark title without the presence of the original investigator, Edward Carnby. Our protagonist went through various reimagining in the years, from the original “1800 gentleman” of the original, right down to the gritty Keanu Revees-like look of the 2008 reboot.

The character will be played by David Harbour who, along with being the most recent Hellboy in the 2019 reboot, has also been starring in other quite interesting movies such as Violent Night and 2008’s Revolutionary Road.

From what we’ve seen so far in this new reimagining, Carnby seems to be more of a classic 30s noir detective, complete with fedora and a white shirt. Let’s hope they will not give him a stereotypical gangster accent, see?!?

Emily Hartwood

While she was one of the original protagonists of Alone in the Dark, Ms. Hardwood definitely had less success than Carnby. She was the nice of Jeremy Hartwood, the friend in distress who called Carnby to the Derceto Mansion. While being the co-protagonist in the original, she also appeared to offer a supporting role in Alone in the Dark 3.

Emily will be played by actress Jodie Comer, who some of you might remember as Rey’s mother in Star Wars Episode IX, along with starring in The Last Duel and TV series Killing Eve.

But how will the character actually be like? Perhaps she’ll be – again – the niece of the friend who calls us to the Derceto mansion, what is sure is that she is back in the saddle as one of the main characters.

This is all we know about the Alone in the Dark characters, but you can be sure we’ll be updating this guide as more details are revealed.In the meantime, check out our other Alone in the Dark guides or, well, if you’re after hunting down immortal creatures, why not go do a quick run in Vampire Survivors?