Redfall Remi build - the best build for Remi talking to her robot

Redfall Remi build – the best build for Remi

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Remi is one of the four playable characters in the latest vampiric game developed by Arkane Studios. In this guide, we will take you through the best Redfall Remi build.

Unlike Lyla and Devinder, Remi is more of a support character with healing abilities. Her charm lies in the fact that she has a robot companion named Bribón who’s a big help in combat. 

Keep reading to find out more about the best Redfall Remi build.

What is the best Remi build in Redfall?

As a support character, Remi is usually played with a friend. Thus, it’s best to unlock the On Your Feet and Shot in the Arm 1 abilities. Shot in the Arm 1 is especially useful when you revive a teammate as they have more health.

Self-Repair should be the first skill that you unlock, as it allows Bribón to heal itself when the Siren skill is active. Bribón is your +1 in Redfall, and it can go down very quickly. So, it’s essential to keep it alive for as long as possible. Additionally, you should unlock the Quick Assembly skill as soon as possible as it’s Remi’s only offensive ability. It helps recharge the C4 Charge faster.

If you’re playing solo as Remi, you will face tougher enemies halfway through the story, such as military guys who deal a ton of damage and hordes of vampires that can kill you in a heartbeat. As such, it’s best to invest in the Electrostatic Feedback and Reinforced Components skill as soon as possible to help Bribón survive longer on the battlefield.

As you approach end-game content, Remi’s ultimate ability Mobilize becomes more important. Unlocking Perseverance and Beacon of Hope before tackling any late-game encounters is recommended.

Finally, unlocking the Always Prepared skill is recommended as it allows you to carry additional Medkits. You will especially need them when facing groups of vampires in Vampire Nests and late-game bosses.

Unlocking the above skills should allow you to create the best Remi build in Redfall, making her an invaluable support character with excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. For more Redfall guides, feel free to take a look at where to find the Basswood Safehouse key and how to beat the Carpe Noctem mission