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Carpe Noctem Redfall mission guide – how to beat

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Redfall has plenty of safehouses that you can make use of while you’re on the run from blood-sucking vampires. In this guide, we will take you through how to beat the mission Carpe Noctem Redfall.

During the Two Birds One Stone main missions, Eva will give you a call and explain the importance of safehouses and how to free them out. Carpe Noctem is one of the side missions that you will encounter in the middle of this one.

Let’s find out how you can beat the mission Carpe Noctem Redfall!

How to beat the carpe noctem mission in Redfall

As part of the main mission, you will need to follow Eva’s instructions and head to the safehouse near the dried-up lake on the western side of the city. However, before you can access the safehouse, you need to restore power to the building. This is part of the carpe noctem quest.

Venture to the nearby garage and acquire either a lockpick or a rewire kit to open the garage. But beware, as the garage is swarming with cultists and even a vampire. Clear the area of enemies and use the safehouse generator to restore power to the building. Once the power is restored, enter the safehouse and enjoy some peace and quiet.

To start a safehouse mission, listen to the short intro and talk to Eva through the radio in the middle of the room. You can also check the map on the wall to learn about other safehouses.

However, you’ll need to be ready for anything, because the missions you receive within the safehouses are completely random. The location where you receive the radio and call for supplies, as well as the locations where the supplies will drop, are all randomized. You’ll need to complete one of these missions to finish this side mission and ensure you have a safe place to hang low whenever you need it.

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