Redfall characters – all playable heroes

Redfall characters – all playable heroes

The vampire – the immortal character that has inspired countless novels, games and movies. Invented by dear old Bram Stoker, it is a horror trope that has definitely seen a lot of reimagining and different roles (even that of lover, as Twilight has shown us). Bethesda and Arkane are trying their hand at the bloodsucking stuff as well, and nothing screams vampire more than personality, so will the Redfall characters live up to the hype?

In the upcoming title, we’ll be transported to Massachusetts in the titular city, a tiny island town, which has been cursed with the presence of vampires. We know that Arkane is developing both a single-player mode and a co-op mode, where we will have the possibility to be joined up by four of our friends who can each choose to play one of four main Redfall characters in the game.

We have seen the characters and their introduction back at E3 in 2021, so here they are in all their glory.

Redfall characters – all playable heroes

The playable characters in Redfall are:

  • Devinder Crousley
  • Jacob Boyer
  • Layla Ellison
  • Remi De La Rosa

Devinder Crousley – zoologist

Our Devinder knows a lot of things, both about writing books and also spending his time creating new incredible inventions. His experience with cryptozoologism will definitely come in handy as he will be an expert in creating traps to defend us from the vampires’ attack.

Jacob Boyer – (former) sniper

Boyer is a former military sniper, what we’d call “a ghost” (not in the paranormal sense!), an expert in taking out targets without letting his presnce known. He has a partner, a raven, who will also play an important part in stalking and taking down those nasty bloodsuckers who are hiding in Redfall.

Layla Ellison – engineer

Hailing from Wisconsin, Layla was busy at her University studing biochemical engineering when she was called to take part in a medical trial. Something went wrong during that, and… well look at that, Layla has supernatural powers. Mostly she’s all about telekinesis, moving and manipulating stuff around, which will definitely come in handy to defend our team.

Remi de la Rosa – combat expert

Remi is no stranger to the combat field, as she has seen her fair share of war for sure, as she was a member of the Navy. Now she finds herself trapped in Redfall, and will have to try to escape with her life, helped by her robot partner as well as her friends.

That’s it for all the Redfall characters. Are you excited to go into the small town of Redfall and fight vampires? We sure are! In the meantime, if you’re still after fighting some supernatural creatures, why not take a look at our Vampire Survivors guides? Or perhaps take a break in Factorio!

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