Redfall toy rabbit location explained - rabbit on bed

Redfall toy rabbit location explained

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One of the quests in this all vampiric title is designed to honor the memory of a little girl by creating a memorial in her honor. Just very wholesome, right? In this guide, we will take you through where to find the Redfall toy rabbit.

Amelia’s Memorial quest involves finding Amelia’s card and toy rabbit Although finding the card is relatively easy, finding the toy rabbit can be a bit of a challenge.

Well, that’s what we’re here for. Let’s find out the location of the Redfall toy rabbit.

Where to find the toy rabbit in Redfall

For the toy rabbit, head to the front of the church and take the right-hand stairs in the foyer. From there, you’ll enter a room with a Vampire and go through a doorway leading to another staircase. After following the stairs up and through a right-hand doorway, you’ll find yourself at the end of the staircase. It faces a ladder that leads up to the bell tower.

But the card, first. To find it, head to the back of the church, behind the pulpit, and look for three doorways. The middle doorway leads to an open room with stairs at the back. Head up these stairs and look for Amelia’s Card on the desk in the corner of the room by the bloodied bodies on the floor.

But wait, don’t climb the ladder just yet! Instead, look to the left and you’ll find a ledge with another ladder leading down to a small platform. Make your way to this platform and check the ‘Toy Donation List’ clipboard on the table by pressing ‘X’. The list shows that the toy rabbit was donated to someone in the Golden View Mobile Community, located in the northwest corner of Redfall’s map. Use the compass at the top of your screen to find the toy’s location. Keep an eye out for a mobile home that you can enter. The toy rabbit is on a bed inside.

Now that you have the toy rabbit, you can head back to the Fire Station to complete the quest. If you need more help on Redfall, make sure to check out how to get Underboss skulls and where to find and use the Shipyard office key