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Redfall safehouse locations explained

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In Redfall, you need to survive and reclaim the town from its monstrous inhabitants and their dangerous cult members. In this guide, we will take you through Redfall safehouse locations.

While securing all the regions is one way to achieve the objective, it is not a simple task. You will need to activate the safehouse in each given area, but this might prove to be difficult as they are not marked on the map from the start. To get them to pop up, you need to approach the locations.

We have all the information right here. Let’s find out all the Redfall safehouse locations!

All the safehouse locations in Redfall

Redfall Commons is the first area you visit in the game and features five hidden safehouses:

  • Shadetree Heights Safehouse: Southeast of one of the helicopter crash sites, right on the edge of what used to be a lake.
  • Sedgewick Safehouse: You need to look for a big house in the middle of the region. You can find it across the street from the Creelman Residence.
  • Old Town Safehouse: You can find it in the center of the region, just east of the Ferry Rendezvous.
  • Basswood Safehouse: On the eastern side of the region, where a river used to run.
  • Heritage Rock Safehouse: In the middle of the region, covered by red mist.

Burial Point is the second area you encounter in the game. It is home to eight safehouses:

  • Founder’s Knoll Safehouse: You have to head down a tunnel around the center of the region to find it.
  • Chickering Safehouse: It’s located towards the south of the region.
  • Winslow Fields Safehouse: You can find it on the eastern side of the region.
  • Ashumet Springs Safehouse: Locate this safehouse in the south, near the edge of the map.
  • Howl’s Neck Safehouse: You can find it around the center of the region.
  • Haven’s Lot Safehouse: The location is southeast from the exact middle of the area, near a main road.
  • Brighton Bay Safehouse: Look towards the northwestern corner of Brighton Bay. It shouldn’t be too far from the Direcliff border.
  • Direcliff Safehouse: You will find this one inside an electrical plant near the river that runs through the region.

We hope that this guide helped you find all the locations of the safehouses in Redfall. For more guides like this one, feel free to check out where to find the dead catch records key and how to get Underboss skulls