alone in the dark weapons fighting enemies

Alone in the Dark weapons – all of the guns

It’s nearly Halloween and we would like to be playing something horror related, right? There would be, then, nothing better than to go back to the Derceto mansion to, once again, battle Lovecraftian demons in the remake of the original survival horror Alone in the Dark. But, alas, no dice for this year, but we can definitely take a look at Alone in the Dark weapons that will be featured in-game.

Granted, it is difficult to imagine we will be killing demons that easily, especially because the series was never about the gun-blazing action in the style of Resident Evil 4, for example. But this will be about saving your ammo and trying to act as stealthy as possible, in order to get through the mansion unscathed.

Enough blabbing, let’s take a look at what Alone in the Dark will offer us in regard to weapons.

Alone in the Dark Weapons – guns from the trailer

Here is a list of the weapons we’ve seen from the reveal trailer. This list will be updated with more specific details as we learn more, so make sure to check back. The Alone in the Dark weapons are:


The starting weapon from both characters, Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, will be a classic pistol. We can also see that Edward will have a classic revolver while Emily will embrace a smaller and quicker to reload .38 special. These weapons will probably be among the first we’ll use and they will easily dispatch smaller enemies, but they probably won’t be as good at defeating boss creatures.


Another classic survival horror weapon, we can see Edward embracing one while fighting off zombies. While slow to reload, this will be quite a powerful weapon to dispose of enemies quickly, especially at a short range. But don’t expect it to work if they are too far away! These guns will likely be better for close-range crowd control when you’re getting mobbed by many enemies.

Melee weapons

Another classic one, even though it is not always the best resort when in a bind. Edward can be seen swinging at a zombie with what appears to be a big wooden stick. We can expect to be able to pick up and use melee weapons when needed, even though they won’t deal that much damage, they can be useful in a pinch, also to conserve precious ammo.

Tommy Guns

We haven’t seen this in the trailer, but Tommy Guns from the 30s have been a staple of the original Alone in the Dark trilogy and we’d be quite surprised if they weren’t brought back! While consuming a lot of ammo, they are a great weapon to dispose of groups of enemies quickly.

These are all the weapons that, so far, we can expect to see in the game, we’ll be sure to update the guide as more information comes out. In the meantime, go check out our other Alone in the Dark guides if you want to know more about the game’s release date and its characters.